around the house april: chalkboard door

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a canvas for creative genius!

family message board (aka my to-do list- haha!)

drawstring chalk bag

A coat of chalkboard paint for the pantry door and voila- a message board for the family and a “make-it-home” accent for the kitchen. For a little extra flourish, add a fancy hook to hang a bag of chalk, and an oil rubbed bronze door knob and hinges.

Price breakdown of my kitchen ‘make it home’ project:
-can of chalkboard paint and painting supplies: $15
-hook (half off at hobby lobby) : $1.50
-‘chalk’ bag (made from a repurposed cloth napkin… the tutorial is coming): free
-door knob and hinges (the knob was already on there and we had some extra oil rubbed bronze hinges leftover from another project…) I believe you could get both, though, for $20
TOTAL: $16.50

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  1. Such a great idea! My sisters and I are homeschooled, so in a room we call the “school room” (because it is, well, a school room) we painted most of a wall with chalkboard paint, and even my brother who goes to a private school uses the board. Woke up this morning to find he stayed up late last night and used the entire board for math purposes. (:

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