bon voyage survival pack

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Traveling is one of my first loves… There is just nothing quite like stepping on a plane headed for an exotic and international destination (or jumping in the car to go to a stunning location closer to home)! I love the planning before a trip, I LOVE discovering the fabulous quirks and distinctive details that make a place unique… I just love traveling!

And I love it when other people travel, too! I get that same sense of anticipation (albeit in a much smaller dose) when I hear an upcoming trip that a friend is taking.

What better bon voyage gift for that lucky friend headed off to Italy than a ‘happy traveler survival pack’? The idea is to gather those can’t-live-without-them travel items, compile them into a stylish survival pack and send your friend off just a bit more prepared for their adventures abroad (or upstate)!Happy Traveler Survival Pack Essentials:
-draw string bag (embroider their destination on the front and it becomes a reminder of their trip when they get home)
-a travel journal (tutorial for a supersimple custom travel journal to come!)
-yummy snacks
-playing cards
-a good book (buy one used or get it through paper back swap so they can pass it on when they’re finished reading it)
-a Sharpie (who knows why these are so useful, but I always am thankful when I remember to bring one along)
-chapstick for the flight
-warm socks
-a book about their destination
-ear plugsAdd your favorite travel essential to this list (and leave it in the comments! I’d love to hear your must-have travel items!), pack it all up, and say ‘bon voyage’ in style!

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  1. Dropping by via ASPTL. I know that if a friend gave me one of these before a trip I'd be excited. What a great idea!

  2. What a cute idea! Love how you embroidered on the bag, what a nice keepsake they will have to always remember their trip! Awesome!

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