stash crafted ribbon tree ornament

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Still needing a way to use some of your ribbon stash?  This loop-y, ribbon-y tree ornament should do the trick.
To make it you’ll need:
-a paper cone made from cardstock (I used kraft brown… you’ll be able to see a little bit of the paper coming through even when the ornament is finished, so keep that in mind when you choose your paper)
-ribbon (I probably used about 10 yards in various patterns)… notice all of the martha stewart ribbon with $.99 clearance stickers- I told you, I have a problem
-a hot glue gun
1. Make a loop with a piece of ribbon, tie off and thread through the top of your paper cone.  This will be your ornament hanger.
2. Glue your first piece of ribbon to the top of the cone.
3.  Loop the ribbon over and hot glue to the paper cone. Repeat until you get to the bottom of the paper cone.  Then tuck the leftover ‘tail’ into the cone and glue down.
4. Keep making loopy ribbon lines until your tree is relatively covered.  When the top of the cone is covered with ribbon, start cutting to top of your ribbon into a “v” before you glue.  It looks cleaner that way.
5.  When you’re finished covering the paper cone with lines of ribbon, wrap the top of your ornament in ribbon as well.  This will hide the unfinished part.
6. There are all sorts of option available to you from here- hang the ribbon-y tree as is, decorate the ribbon ‘branches’ with teeny ornaments or pom poms… a whole world of possibilities is open to you!  Enjoy!

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