kojotutorial: easter tie for your little guy

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The Easter outfit I ended up making for Burke is not exactly as I’d originally planned… mostly because I didn’t have a button up shirt in my to-be-refashioned pile that caught my eye (or matched my ‘cuff’ fabric) to make into pants.  However, I ended up using a pair of my old tailored shorts and coordinating them with the Alexander Henry fabric I mentioned last week to make the pants instead.  And then I just made a little tie to match.  Here’s the best part- the entire outfit was completed during Burke’s naptime yesterday.  Not so labor intensive and using supplies I already have here are my two highest aspirations for craft projects- success!

I didn’t take pictures of the shorts-to-pants refashioning, but I grabbed my camera as I put together the little tie.  Like I said, the whole outfit only took a couple of hours to make, so the tie itself should take you no time at all.

To make a tie for your little guy you’ll need:
-a rectangular scrap of fabric (maybe 8″x6″ish)
-a long thin scrap of the same fabric (2″x20″ish)
-a sewing machine

1. Print and cut out a tie outline.  Trace onto a doubled over piece of your rectangular piece of fabric (on the wrong side).

2. Pin your two pieces together (should be no problem since it’s folded in half) and cut around the edge of your line, leaving a 1/2″ extra around the perimeter.

3. Sew the bottom part of the tie together along the lines you traced.  Turn inside out.  Press.

4. Iron your long, thin strip of fabric in half and stitch horizontally (inside out).  You should have an inch thick band once you turn it right side in.

5. Place the center of the band between the top portion of your ‘tie.’  Make sure the edges of the top part of the tie are ironed in so that no raw seams are showing.  Top stitch around the entire perimeter of the tie.  This should secure the top pieces together with the band sandwiched inbetween.

6. Measure your little one’s neck and mark on the band.  Cut to match your measurement, finish off the raw edges, and attach two pieces of velcro to the ends of the band.  The band should secure in the back with the tie in the front.

7.  That’s it… Pair with a pair of pants with coordinating knee pads and your little one is ready for Easter morning (I’ll post more pictures Sunday)!

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  1. This is adorable! I'd love to invite you to link this project up at my DI4Y (do-it-for-you) party at A Lovely Place to Land. We're having a month-long celebration of using our talents to serve others!

    You can find out more at http://www.thedi4yproject.com!

  2. How cute. I just bought a tie to take apart and figure out how to make, but maybe for now I'll do this:). Thanks!

  3. Love this!! I've been wanting to make one, but applique it onto a T-shirt since my little guys really don't like to dress up at all. 🙂 Thanks for the tut.


  4. Super cute idea!!! I may have to whip up a tie for my little man this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Fantastic! and just perfect for an easter celebration 🙂

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  6. So darn cute! I love how is a bit different than the traditional tie. I posted about it on my blog.


    Thank you!

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