color my summer PINK guest tutorial- bloom shirt by ruffles and stuff

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Today’s PINK guest, Disney from Ruffles and Stuff, was one of our first blog friends, and continues to be one of our favorite people in blog land. You can’t help but immediately love Disney’s sincerity, loveliness, and genius refashioning abilities. Plus, her blog has prettiness tucked in every corner!

Our favorite part of her blog? Disney herself! We love the way she is committed to the Lord, her family, service, and living ‘real life’ well! 

Not to mention, she takes gorgeous pictures…

her daughter Paige is the pretty much the definition of cute…

…she has a rockin’ beginning sewing series called “Sew Basic” where she shows sewing novices (like us!) how to sew a straight line, thread a bobbin, and master fancier skills like ruffling and shirring…  

…and she makes fabulous stuff (a few of our favorite projects- 1- grosgrain ribbon belts, 2 and 3- party hats and paper flowers, 4- shoe refashion, 5- pleated cardi).

Can you tell we love this girl? And we couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s here today to share a PINK project for Color My Summer!  

Hello there!!
It’s great to meet you all. I’m so thrilled to be part of Color My Summer! What a wonderful thing to celebrate, I love all of the different colors in our beautiful world. The green trees, the blue water, the rainbow colored flowers, even dark brown soil is beautiful to me. But in my book, no other color compares the most splendidly girly of them all….pink!
I’m so excited that I was asked to represent it!
 The first thing that comes to mind when I think of pink is flowers. So that’s precisely what I made. A pink (ok, peachy-pink) shirt with a great big pop of pinky loveliness! 
To wear when you’re feeling happy and enjoying life! Which is what we should always be doing. :O)
To get the super-simple instructions, head over to my place! I look forward to seeing you there!
And thanks so much Kirstin and Jordan for including me in the fun!
Go see the pink, summer-y tutorial here
And be sure to stop by Delia Creates to check out the pink action (by Alison from Oopsey Daisy) over there today!

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  1. Love Ruffles and stuff! Her blog is so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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