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With Cocktails and Mocktails III, a couple of baby showers, and a birthday party or two all on the docket, our house has been turned into Party Planning Central.

There are half-finished projects and to do lists everywhere!

Oooh, and this time of year always includes a flurry of invite, menu, place card, label, and banner making. This June has been no exception.

Are any of you throwing any parties in the next couple weeks? What are you making? What does your menu look like? Tell me I’m not the only one whose house is being taken over by garlands and streamers! 🙂
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  1. My daughter is turning four next month! Right in the middle of a month-long blog event I'm hosting! LOL. Awesome. I was going to do something super elaborate but now we're on a tight budget, so I'm thinking of a rainbow themed party. Maybe I can invite exactly six children and assign them all colors and between them and my daughter have a ROYGBIV thing going on. I bet the parents would love me for that. Maybe not. Haha. Anyways, I can pretend anything is related to a rainbow of colors so that makes it pretty easy. My daughter says she wants a Gnomeo And Tangled party which is hilarious but not happening, even though it would be awesome to do either of those themes.

  2. Hi,
    Your party planning results are always amazing. I have a question though… isn't it very expensive to plan all these parties? You put so much detail and effort into them, that I can't help but wonder about the cost. I've tried to plan birthday parties for my kids (using homemade decorations also), and ouch! Is there some magic formula you possess that would make the cost more manageable? I see that you make a lot of printables (to wrap around bottles, for example), but how do you do that? Do you have a software program that allows you to create printables? Sorry for the long list of questions, but I really love your ideas, yet can't really seem to afford them myself… thanks for any tips.

  3. Im planning my boyfriends surprise 30th bday for Labor day weekend. Its a lot harder than I thought to come up with theme ideas.

  4. My Selah turned five on Sunday, and little Rinnah is two this Saturday. We are having a joint party on Saturday, Princess and Knight theme for the bigs and tutus for the littles. It's all pretty princess type decor, so they worked well together. I made crowns for the party favors. I hope the kids love them!

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