2011 halloween costumes- the man with the yellow hat and curious george

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One of my favorite things about Burke is his knack for coming up with costumes around a theme (last year he told me, “I think I’ll be a horse and Piper Jane will be my Cowgirl). This year, he dreamed up several gems, a couple of which I am CERTAIN you will see some year if he’s still interested.

For this Halloween, he was settled early on that Piper Jane should be a monkey. The great debate was whether he’d be her Banana or her Man with the Yellow Hat. There was serious waffling, friends. He may actually still be up in the air. However, last week I told him that whatever he chose that day was going to be IT (and that day I started working on the costume). And so we locked in at Man with the Yellow Hat.

Burke’s costume includes:
-yellow pants (made using the flat front pants tutorial at MADE)
-a white shirt from Children’s Place (for those Curious George experts in the crowd, I’ve been informed by my sweet sister that a yellow shirt is ‘quintessentially’ Man-with-the-Yellow-Hat, and also given very dubious looks from my niece about the choice to go with the white shirt… However, a white shirt will just have to do this year, friends)
-a faux boy’s tie (similar to the one at Sugar Bee Crafts, though just one piece)

-a thrifted hat, recovered with yellow fabric (it was pretty simple, I’ll try to put together a mini tutorial… not that there are tons of uses for yellow hats, but I can see lots of uses for various colored fabric covered hats)
-a brown belt

Piper Jane’s costume includes:
-a monkey costume from Gymboree
-Robeez boots
-a banana (we have a cloth one too, but a real one will work in a pinch for a before-the-big-day photo shoot)

What are your Smooches going to be for Halloween this year?

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  1. LOVE the theme idea….I'm ALWAYS trying to get my family to do a theme…last it we were a smurf, Gargamel, and Azrael. This year we'll have one crocodile, two monkeys, and I'll be the tree. My girls love that song!

  2. My little man is going to be a cow (the Carter's 2 piece set)!

    His granny bought the outfit so that's it. If I had picked they had a really cute Lion at Toys R Us he might have been sporting 😉

  3. Busting out in a full belly laugh on how adorable this is!!!! Thanks so much for the pics. Surely a pick-me-up!

  4. I'm loving this… serious cuteness overload! I especially like the picture of Burke jumping and Piper Jane looking at him in awe. Great idea, fabulous execution!

  5. These costumes are adorable!! I made Angry Bird costumes for my daughter, husband, and myself. Can't wait to try them on all together!

  6. That is just one of the cutest costume combos ever! LOVE it! So clever that little Burke! : ) I love when the siblings costumes go together like that. I haven't been able to work that out yet. Maybe next year. Avery is Belle (had to be a princess), Tyson is a mechanic, and Mia a giraffe. : )

  7. Oh. My.Word!! Kirstin, this is so stinkin' clever!! What cute kids you have, and their costumes turned out darling!! Great job!!!

  8. oh my goodness, they are so cute! Our 1 year old daughter is going to be a monkey (Max's costume last year- they are 15 mos apart)…but we haven't decided on his costume yet. I don't know if he'd get the man in the yellow hat yet…I need to figure something out though! Thanks for sharing this adorable idea!

  9. My "men" are going to be a 2 1/2 year old Pirate and his 8 week old brother will be his parrot!

    I just used RIT dye for the very first time. If you dont think you will ever use the white shirt again you could always dye it?

  10. I’m doing the same. I found a hat (Dr Seuss) that is purple and black. I bought yellow felt to cover it. Any suggestions for the best method? Thanks.

    1. Hey Elizabeth-
      I cut a couple of circles a little larger than the brim, a long rectangle to wrap around the tall part, and another (smaller) circle to match the top. I sewed it all together to make a hat ‘shell’ and then notched the underside of the new brim. I slid the old hat into the hat shell/coer and duct taped the notched center into the old hat.
      Hope that helps! So fun hat you’re doing Curious George!

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