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Never heard of a rustic industrial pumpkin? Ok, well, us either. But with the pumpkin’s naturally rustic vibe and the metallic hardware-y look of the upholstery tacks, rustic industrial it is.

See, a couple weeks ago, we packed pruning shears, lots of reusable grocery bags, a cooler full of snacks and Smooch #1 and Smooch #2 into my parents Pilot and headed north of Denver to Miller Farms. After a day of corn mazing, farm animal petting, tractor riding, and veggie picking, we came home with a ton of loot- carrots, potatoes, onions, green beans, sweet corn, and tons (and tons!) of pumpkins.

With this pile of pumpkins at our disposal, the creative juices are flowing around here. And why carve a pumpkin when you can bedazzle one with upholstery tacks?

We searched around the craft room and the garage, found a pile of upholstery tacks (and some metal letter tags) and went to work.

Rows after row of tacks pressed into the pumpkin…

…even a message or two (“Full of Joy,” and “Thankful”)…

…and a row of numbers…

…and there you have it! One rustic industrial pumpkin at the ready. This one even made it into our faux Thanksgiving decor (it was the centerpiece on one of the tables- hence the “Full of Joy” and “Thankful” rows- for Halloween, you could make spookier messages!).

And since we had the upholstery tacks on hand and picked our own pumpkin at the farm, this little gem was free! Love that!

Of course, there’s more pumpkin goodness to come- I can’t wait to show you a few of our other Miller Farms pumpkins in action…

Anyone else have a bumper crop of pumpkins on their hands? Are y’all pumpkin carvers? Pumpkin seed bakers? Upholstery tack bedazzlers? All of the above?

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  1. we grew a ton of pumpkins and gourds this year. we are carvers in this family, but last year the kiddos used a hole saw and nails to carve their pumpkins. great idea using the upholstery tacks!

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