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Since my birthday is at the beginning of December (and since someone I know whose name rhymes with “Madam” exclusively shops off of my list), I make my Christmas wishlist in November. And, you guessed it, some of these goodies are already hanging in my closet or tucked away in my craft room (got them as birthday gifts already).

But, since I love reading Christmas wishlists (and shamelessly copying items off of them!), I thought I’d share mine too-

1. Toms– Adam threw away my favorite metallic ballet flats because the soles were falling apart… he deemed them unworthy of donating! So I’m hoping these will be a good replacement?

2. Fabric- for several specific projects, actually, but none that I can tell you about… yet.

3. Sephora Gift Card– My make up bag is in serious need of replenishing. I have several specific items on my Sephora-shopping-spree list, but I’d love any suggestions y’all have for your must have cosmetics!

4. White Cake Stand– A classic. One that I don’t have.

5. A Gym Membership for the January/February- I almost always run outside through the winter (since my mom and I usually run a half marathon in May), but it’d be so nice to have access to a place to run on snowy/icy days! And I love classes (spinning, Zumba, step, yoga)- have I mentioned that on here?

6. The Colette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick.

7. Sewing for Boys by Shelley Figueroa.

8. Sewing Scissors– I’d love another pair. Plus, my big pair are missing currently, so I’ve been rotary-ing everything- haha!

9. A trip to the Middleeast to see my Cakepops and their parents! Never hurts to ask, right?

What’s on your list, friends?

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