pink tutorial- laminated cotton placemats

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Today’s guest, Maggie from Smashed Peas and Carrots has been on my want-to-be-like-her-someday list for years. We love her party planning prowess (check out this vintage milk and cookies party), her recipes are right up our alley (love these no-bake energy bites), and she has one of the most extensive lists of tutorials we’ve seen (love this llama stuffy! And love this little pinafore is totally on my To Make list- isn’t it fabulous?). Also, we think she’s brilliant (crock pot hot chocolate? Ummm, YES PLEASE).
And we love it that Maggie is here today sharing a pink tutorial-

Hi everyone!  I’m so happy to be here today to share some pink goodness with y’all!  Isn’t this series so much fun…I love seeing all the fun, bright-colored projects that all these talented ladies keep coming up with, it suits my happy personality just fine!  🙂
Today, I wanted to share a simple yet stylish project with you for making your own laminated cotton placemats.  I love using laminated cotton as it wipes off dirt and messes easily and makes cleaning up a breeze.  Plus it is a bit more food-safe than oilcloth so it works perfectly for this placemat project as well as things like baby bibs and tablecloths!
I love using these placemats when we eat outdoors (which is usually everyday in the summer!) especially with my 3 little ones and their messy eating habits! They are perfect to use as you just wipe them off and re-use them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…no washing machine necessary, momma’s everywhere rejoice!
Let’s get started making a few, shall we?
Laminated Cotton Placemats (makes 4)
4 fat quarters of laminated cotton (in two coordinating colors if you want front and back to be different!)
microtex needle
rotary cutter and self-healing mat
small bowl
I used Heather Bailey’s Freshcut line for these particular placemats, I just love the pops of PINK color in these pretty prints!  I bought my laminated cotton at Oil Cloth Addict on Etsy, I love this shop and the multitude of oilcloth and laminated cotton that Kelly, the owner, sells!  You will be able to get 2 pieces of placemat per fat quarter, each placemat will measure 13 x 18 inches.
*A fat quarter of laminated cotton actually measures 18 x 27 inches which is bigger than a quilting cotton fat quarter!
First, measure and cut your laminated cotton into 8 rectangles in the dimensions of 13 x 18 inches.  Then grab a bowl and flip it right side down so that it can be a guide to help you round each corner.  Using your rotary cutter and mat, trim each corner.


Next grab a microtex sharp needle and put it in your sewing machine in place of your regular sewing needle.  This needle will help you sew laminated cotton and oilcloth easier as it makes a smaller hole when puncturing through the oilcloth and laminated cotton.


Then take two pieces of laminated cotton, I used two coordinating prints for the front and the back, and place them wrong sides together.  Sew around the entire placemat with the stitch of your choice being careful to go slowly and help guide the laminated cotton through your machine as it can be a slippery material to sew with at times.  I used a 1/8 to 1/4 inch seam allowance depending on the stitch I chose so feel free to do what you love or try something new!
Because we use these often in the summer months, I chose different stitches just to make them even more unique.  Above are 3 of the decorative stitches I decided to use.  You can also use a simple straight stitch if you don’t have decorative stitch options on your machine.
And there you have it!  Simple and stylish placemats for your table!


Thank you so much for having me ladies!  I hope you love this tutorial and make a few to pretty up your table this summer!


I have just the laminated fabric that needs to be made into these lovelies! And be sure to check out the other PINK goodness (pink friendship bracelets by Noodlehead) today!

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        1. Maggie- LOVE the placemats, LOVE your blog, just love you, really! Thanks for being here! 🙂

  1. Maggie, did you know that you can make your own “oilcloth”? I did and I made place mats out of it. I love it. And the very best thing is, it is spill proof on both sizes, and you don’t need to hem the edges. It does take a few days to get it done and dried, but is well worth the effort when the finish product is made.

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