DIY swirled globe ornament

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diy world globe christmas ornamentWe are still full on in Christmas Craft mode around here. I know that people are usually all decorated and trimmed by now, but we just keep making things.

Burke and Piper are loving making ornaments (for the first time). Bonus- since I could only find one box of Christmas decor, our tree can withstand their ornament-making enthusiasm.

swirled paint ornament Their favorite are the swirled paint ornaments. You know the kind, right?

how to make swirled paint ornamentsYou pour a dollop of paint (or several different colors if you’re feeling adventurous) into the bottom of a clear (plastic!) ornament. And then you shake and shake until all of the glass is covered in paint (Burke’s favorite part), and then let them drain upside down in a cup or other ‘catcher’ so the excess paint can drip out. So easy, and so fun.

DIY world globe ornamentBurke is my little scientist guru, so we’ve been making all of the planets. The other day he asked if we could make the earth as well. Great idea!

how to make an earth ornamentWe made a blue swirled ornament (using light blue paint so that the green land would stand out). Then we grabbed a globe to use as a model to visualize spacing (there’s way more space between Asia and North America than I would’ve estimated!). After drawing a *very* rough approximation (sorry South America!), we filled the outlines with teeny dots.

how to make a world globe ornamentThen we attached a starry garland tie and hung it on the tree. Since my favorite ornaments are world globes, I’m partial to this one, for sure. Good thing Burke’s around to make great ornament making suggestions, right?

Are you all done with your trimming? Or are you still adding to the mix?

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