DIY metallic alphabet magnets

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Gift idea- metallic fridge alphabet magnets (easy, cheap and fun)Awhile back, I saw some fabulous gold fridge-magnet-esque letters on Pinterest (turns out, they are jewelry, but still). That same afternoon, I ordered a package of alphabet magnets. After making them copper with metallic copper spray paint, I am absolutely smitten.

DIY metallic fridge alphabet magnets (gold would look great too)In fact, I smile each time I walk past my fridge and see them in their shiny magnet jumbles.

metallic alphabet fridge magnets- would make a good easy (and fun) giftI just ordered some more alphabet magnets to turn into metallic Christmas presents (plus, I want to make a set of gold alphabet magnets for myself) and thought I’d pass along the gift idea.

how to make metallic alphabet magnetsEven better- these are so very easy to make. Just lay out your alphabet magnets, spray lightly with metallic spray paint and repeat every 10 minutes or so from varying angles until all of the crevices and letter cut-outs are covered (remember, light coats are key).

gift idea- metallic fridge alphabet magnets (easy, cheap and fun!)Let dry for at least 24 hours and your metallic alphabet is done!

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    1. Thanks Mary! The spray paint was Rustoleum and it took 3 (maybe 4) light coats from different angles to get them all covered. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I did this a few months back and had to pull them all off after a certain munchkin kept pulling them off and shoving them in her mouth. Which wouldn’t be a big deal but I saw lots of damage on them aka flaking spray paint. Someone had mentioned that might be a problem when I posted it on instagram but I thought we were past the mouth shoving phase. Alas ours are gone until our kids can be as good as Piper and Burke ha!

    1. Kelly, I watch my almost-1-year-old niece once a week and always move these up on the fridge when Josie is here- these definitely aren’t for littler kiddos (or ones that love to put things in their mouth). Luckily, Burke and Pi haven’t tried that yet, but I will be on the lookout for flaking spray paint. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Hi,
    Fabulous idea, but what surface would you lay the alphabets on to spray paint without worries of them sticking to the surface when drying?

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