DIY polka dot ‘confetti’ shirt

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polka dotted confetti shirtComing up with Confetti Party favors for the girls was simple- twirly, sparkly confetti filled tutus. When I asked Burke what kind of polka dotted favor I could make him, he replied, “Are there confetti Legos?” Haha! This simple shirt with a polka dot pocket (and some bouncy balls!) was my non-Lego answer.

DIY polka dot pocket shirtTo make the polka dot pocket, I dipped the end of a pen in white fabric paint and dabbed dots onto the pocket, filling it up until there were random circles scattered about.

DIY polka dot pocket shirtIsn’t it simple, but so great?

DIY polka dot pocket shirtBurke loves this polka dot shirt, and I do too!


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  1. Have you ever tried puff paint? I seriously feel in love with it so many years ago that it is embarrassing. I used to make polka dot things for my preschoolers and they loved it. Love Burke’s shirt! Just the perfect amount of whimsy!

    1. Peggy, what a great idea. I had a love affair with puff paint in middle school but haven’t used it much since. Great reminder. 😉

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