faking fall in the tropics

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faking fall in the tropics- making fall food while it's 90 degrees out

Pinterest is pretty much killing me right now, y’all. Fall is not even my favorite season (summer all the way!), but seeing the world of boots, sweaters, crunchy leaves and pumpkin-everything from afar without the chance to experience any of it has been harder than I anticipated.

So we are following Jordan’s lead and faking fall around here.

faking fall in the tropics- pumpkin dipI don’t know that we’ve ever eaten this much pumpkin-y goodness- pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin pie dip, pumpkin pie popcorn… it’s a regular fall festival at our house.

faking fall in the tropics- soupIs it working? Hmmm… kind of? It helps that we’ve had a few rainy, cool-to-us days (meaning it got down into the 70s and I could make this yummy soup– ha!). However, I’m not sure anything could replace the gorgeousness of yellow aspens in the mountains. Turns out there are some big downsides to living in endless summer (even for this summer loving mama).

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