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free printable father's day questionnaireEeeek, y’all, Father’s Day is this weekend. As in, three days away. Adam’s gifts this year are all tied to our trip to New Zealand in the spring (aka- a night at a fishing lodge, a day with a guide, etc.), so the kids and I have been brainstorming ways to make Father’s Day special without any tangible gifts.

free printable father's day questionnaireWe started out with these Father’s Day questionaires- you know how these always pop up for Mother’s Day? Well, we made a couple for Adam this year. And, y’all, I will be honest, the kid’s answers were pure gold. I am absolutely making a tradition out of this.

free printable father's day questionnaireIn case you need one too (and I would say you do- haha!), the about dad printable survey is here.

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