strawberries with chocolate mousse (sugar free!)


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chocolate mousse filled strawberriesSince Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and since me and my littlest Valentine have been doing all sorts of baking and treat making lately, I thought I’d share a couple of fun Valentine’s treat ideas on the blog this week (though, pretty much you could make these anytime for year round deliciousness).

chocolate mousse filled strawberriesToday’s recipe is sugar free (our family gave up sugar in January and we are still trying to make sugar a rarity… we’ve also been experimenting with sugar free baking for special occasions), but we also have some full-sugar goodness coming later this week- haha.

chocolate mousse filled strawberriesINGREDIENTS

8 oz full fat cream cheese

1 oz melted sugar free dark chocolate (I used 1/4 of a Trader Joes sugar free chocolate bar, finely chopped and then melted)

2 Tbsp cocoa powder

3 Tbsp Swerve powdered sugar substitute (I think regular powdered sugar would also work fine- if you try it, will you let me know?)

Pinch sea salt, finely ground

1/2 tsp vanilla

A dozen large strawberries


In a stand mixer (or with a hand mixer), blend cream cheese, melted dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Add in powdered sugar, sea salt and vanilla and mix well. Cover with plastic and let mixture set up in fridge for a couple hours (up to overnight). Put mousse filling in a piping bag.

chocolate mousse filled strawberries (sugar free!)After scooping out the tops of a dozen strawberries, pipe the mousse into the strawberries. Grate sugar free dark chocolate on top.

chocolate mousse filled strawberriesShare with your littlest valentine (or your big valentine!). 😉

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