2023 Christmas gift guides- present ideas for everyone

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Putting together these gift guides is my favorite for a bunch of reasons- I love presents and helping people find the perfect present, and I also love making lists of new discoveries and new favorites of the year (the market research for these gift guides is the most fun- basically asking a whole crew of people ‘what was your game changer thing you discovered the year?’). Hopefully they are so helpful to you as you choose presents for the people you love!


1- Domino coffee table book set (another fun, beautiful coffee table book about interiors… Domino has a special place in my heart and the books are just so pretty)

Establishing Home book (one of my BFFs is an interior designer and Jean Stauffer is her FAVE- could not recommend more)

2- Pickleball paddle (My best friend is a pickleball fanatic- love the modern look of this paddle)

3- Laniege lip mask set (Love this stuff so much that I bought one for every person on Adam’s staff this year!)

4- Barefoot Dreams socks (have, love, and keep giving as gifts)

5- Ethique hair sampler (this is a brand we found in NZ and now we love to give it as a gift)

6- Pretty pens (one of my favorite gifts to pair with a pretty journal… these ones get great reviews)

7-Stanley tumbler (I gave one of the 40 oz. Stanley’s to my mama last year for Christmas, but my dad commandeered it, so I gave her another for Mother’s Day)

8- Madewell tote (I got this for my birthday and LOVE IT)

9- Glow Recipe Serum (I got this in a beauty box and LOVE it- definitely one of my favorite discoveries of the year. Bonus- piper has super sensitive skin and she still loves this stuff)

WOW hair dream coat ( one of my fave discoveries of 2023- especially helpful if you live in humidity!)

10- Quince candle (I got this Diptyque Baies dupe as a gift and it is SO GOOD)

11- Tea Forte Sampler (I think I discovered Tea Forte from Oprah’s favorite things list a few years ago and now I love trying all their sample packs- this would be perfect for any tea connasieur on your life

12- Lululemon legging dupes (Pi and I both have and love these!)


This merits it’s own mention, and could really fall into a couple categories for gift ideas, but I love (like LOVE LOVE LOVE) my Allure Beauty Box subscription.

My two new favorite products this year- the WOW hair dream coat and the Glow Recipe Serum– were both Allure Beauty Box discoveries. I would say that I have found at least a product or two I love in every box, and I can’t believe the value (each box has around $200 worth of beauty products for $25).

Also- right now your first box IS ONLY TEN DOLLARS. AND you get a Glow Recipe Serum as a bonus. Totally worth it just for the Glow Recipe!

Other things I LOVE from this year’s boxes- Saturday Skin Eye Cream, Rodial Dragon’s Blood moisturizer, Ole Henrickson Banana Bright Eye Cream, Aveda Repair Serum, Sunday Riley CEO Afterglow, Sunday Riley B3 Nice Serum, Brigeo Scalp Revival, Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek, YSL Lash Clash Mascara


1- The Fly Fisher Book (I saw this at Magnolia and ordered it for Adam- if you have a fishing enthusiast in your life, it is such a fun book)

2- Truffle salt (This was rec’d by some friends who love truffles and is also already ordered for Adam- haha)

3- Wildwood Grilling Wraps (would a gifts for guys list really be complete without some sort of grilling accessory? These are a twist on grilling planks- just less bulky and less expensive)

4- Columbia Base Layer Hoodie (Adam has a couple of these and loves them- they were a recommendation from my brother)

5- Panda dunks (Adam wears these all the time, and they are on Burke’s wish list… if you’re looking for shoes that look good with pretty much everything, look no further)

6- Nomadix towel (we got this for our Europe travels last summer- it is lightweight, absorbent, easy to pack and didn’t ever smell)

7- Fancy olive oil (a fun upgrade for anyone who loves to cook… or also, anyone who loves to eat- haha!)

8- Craft & Kin lavender woods candle (we have a friend who loves this candle brand- ‘they’re the best not-girly candles!)

9- Pickleball paddle (does everyone in your life love pickeball as much as everyone in our circles? Love the stripes on this pickleball paddle!)

10- Fjallraven backpack (I got this for Adam several years ago and when I asked him for recommendations, this was the first thing he mentioned)

11- Custom leather dopp kit (I’m actually going to get one of these for Burke as well!)

12- Truff multipack (we love this stuff! I tend to replenish our Truff stores around this time every year and tuck it into Adam’s stocking)

13- National Parks puzzle (we got this for our camper-friends last year! It would be a great gift for my dad as well!)


1- History of Basketball in 15 Sneakers (ok, so I can’t actually vouch for this yet, but I DID already order it for Burke)

2- Nike socks (there is never a time without a shortage of Nike socks in this house)

3- Prime hydration (this was my sister’s genius idea for Easter baskets- totally steal-able for Christmas)

4- Cheetos AirPods case (not just Cheetos- almost all of the food-related AirPods cases were given to me as recommendations)

5- Custom Dopp kit (such a great idea, and still plenty of time to order before Dec. 25)

6- Nikes (as you can probably imagine- the wish lists I got from teen boys were EXTRA shoe heavy… Nike Air Jordan 1s and dunks are two crowd pleaser options that go with everything)

7- Yeti water bottle (this is the one Burke asked for)

8- Birkenstock sandals (again with the shoe heavy wishlists, but Birks just kept coming up)

7- Leatherman multitool (this multi-tool would make a great stocking stuffer as well!)

8- Nike shoe box bag (storage for all the aforementioned shoe acquisitions)

9- Gym towels (already ordered these for Burke!)

10- Sneaker Cleaning kit (Adam actually uses this shoe cleaning kit to tend to his sneaker collection- it would be a great pair for shoes)

11- Nike Tech Sweatshirt (these are a HOT COMMODITY in our teen circles- Piper assures me that you could get one for any teen girls on your list as well)

12- Art of Shaving kit (such a fun ‘necessity’)

13- White crocs (I’m certain that if you have been to a middle school or high school lately, your eyes were inundated with Crocs… the white ones seem to be the biggest hit)

14- Smart basketball and app (this is on Burke’s wishlist… if you have a basketball player, this would make a great gift)


1- Stoney Clover Lane dupe (I got one for Piper and then got one for myself as well- the way the zipper is positioned doubles your usable space in this bag)

2- Winky Lux (this lip gloss matches any skin tone with slightly different tones of pink… I used Piper’s so often that I ordered my own)

3- Preppy slippers (a crowd fave- Piper got two different pairs of these for her birthday and loves them)

4- Lululemon Swiftly Tech Dupe (Pi loves her lululemon swiftly, but she likes this one nearly as much and it’s a quarter of the price)

5- Drunk Elephant duo (really any drunk elephant would do, but this duo is fun and affordable!)

6- Lululemon belt bag (another teenage girl fan fave that anyone on your list would love)

7- Stanley tumbler (if only to stop them from stealing yours!)

8- Birkenstock clogs (since both Burke and Pi put these on their lists, I’d say these have pretty universal appeal)

9- Essie Gel Couture duo (matter of fiction is my very favorite, but I also am partial to their polish brush- it seems easier to do a professional looking job with the gel Essies)

10- Hokas (I don’t have a pair, but people rave about how comfy they are)

11- Sol de Janeiro set (come for the body spray, stay for the body wash and body cream)

12- Glow recipe duo (Pi and I fell in love with glow recipe for the watermelon first, and then fell in love with the whole line)

13- Paint by number (aren’t these fun? Like a slightly older version of the little kid craft!)

14- Scrunchie set (I don’t know where all the scrunchie’s disappear to? Maybe the same place as sock? Regardless, this cute set has great colors to replace the lost-scrunchies-of-2023)

*Of course, can’t recommend the Allure Beauty Box subscription highly enough (especially right now when it’s $10 and you get a free Glow Recipe Serum)! It would make an EXCELLENT teen girl gift!


1- Custom Name Pennant (this would be adorable in any kid’s space!)

2- Puffin in Bloom Books (Sense and Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Set of 4 books)

3- Magnet Tiles (there are a few toys in our house that seem to bridge all the ages- magnet tiles are the top contender!)

4- Fjallraven Backpack (these are such fun backpacks, and on sale right now!)

5- Marble Run (another transcends-all-the-ages gift- even great for a littler kiddo if you have a bigger sibling that will help)

6- Kid’s Harmonica (I have a whole list of kids that would love this)

7- Bluey Keepy Uppy Game (for all the Bluey fans out there, and let’s be honest, that encompasses most grownups we know, this Bluey game would make such a fun gift)

8- Kwik Stix (we only discovered these this year and they quickly became everyone’s favorite art-project-medium! Even the big kids!)

9- Kid’s Doctor Set (so great for creative play!)

10- Blanket Lovey (a fan fave for the under 2 crowd around here)

11- How to be Your Dog’s Best Friend (we saw this book at the MoMA gift shop and Bohden immediately added it to his wish list)

Draw Your Own Comic Book (this one’s perfect for a kid who loves comics, a kid who loves to make up stories, a kid who loves superheroes)

12- Wooden Stacking Tree (such a fun learning toy if you have a baby to shop for)

13- Lost in the Library (a story about Patience and Fortitude- the New York Public Library lions)

14- Knight Costume (I am biased because we are studying medieval history, but this is hours of pretend play even without any sort of knight-studies)

15- Name Puzzle (we ordered this as a gift for one of our favorite kiddos in the world this year and it was a huge hit!)

16- Stacking Rock Blocks (we discovered these at our local library and then got a set of our own- SO GOOD)

Spiderman Lego Set (I would be remiss to not include legos and not include Marvel, so here we are)

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