personalized notepads

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With the scrap paper left over from making programs, I decided to make a little present for the bride, who is a teacher. I loved it so much, that I made some for other friends who are teachers too!

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  1. Hi Girls!

    Love this idea. How do you put the notepads together? Is each page printed or just the front page? These are great and make awesome teacher gifts.
    Love you,

  2. hey keadran! each page is printed, and then I used clothes pins to hold together all the pages and ran a a thin strip of glue (using the hot glue gun) across the top, let it dry and then adhered the outside cover.

    thanks for the compliment.

    do you have your etsy shop up yet?? I LOVE the names you made for my nursery and the cards for christmas!!

  3. Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for the instructions. I might try this.

    I hope to have my shop up sometime this spring. Now I’m working on putting together a 50th birthday party for Mark. Your parents are coming to Omaha to celebrate with us. Can’t wait. I just got done painting the master bedroom and have moved on to organizing my craft room (or as Mark calls it “my crap room” – nice huh?) Needless to say (and I know you will know what I mean when I say) it is quite an undertaking. I’ll let you know when things start happening on the etsy shop. I’m glad you liked the names – did they match the nursery?

    Keep up the posts on here and on your blog. I love keeping up with you, Drew, Keadryn and Sayla.

    Love you,

  4. That is so adorable!!! Reading on the lines at the bottom is just so beautiful! This can be a great party favor for the bride’s friends. We all know that teachers have so much to jot down and having this notepad is just a fantastic idea.

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