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I hate February. It sounds so bad to say it like that, but I do. I hate the gray, I hate how far away May still seems, I hate the bundling and layering involved for a simple run in the park. As a distraction, I’ve been redecorating. Actually, so far I’ve just been dreaming about redecorating… making lists, gathering unused frames and artwork, checking out websites.

Since I thought y’all might be trapped indoors like me this month, needing a distraction, I thought I’d pass along some of what I’ve found…

sproost’s decorating style quiz (that’s where the pictures of ‘vintage modern’ and ‘rustic revival’ rooms above came from)
readymade online (so many things to build… shelves, decorative accessories, lighting, even furniture… and all for pretty cheap)
apartment therapy’s best diy ideas to steal
good housekeeping paint & preview

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