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One of my hugest pet peeves in the world is having to store stuff. I like things that are dual purposed, or better yet multi-purposed and don’t take up room in my closet 364 days of the year waiting for their one day of glory. Which makes my quest for our family Easter baskets a little challenging…

However, I’ve run across all sorts of cute Easter basket ideas (some that might work for me, some that won’t) in my searching and thought I’d pass them along to you.

Easter cone by fantastic toys blog
Mini Easter baskets you can make with your littles by betz white
Fabric basket by dabbled
Felted Easter basket my mary lue’s yarn
Another fabric basket by small fry & co.
And one more fabric basket by moda bake shop (I think I like this one best (see the pic at the top)… it also looks the most labor intensive, though)

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