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This is the perfect baby shower for that friend who has spent her pregnancy hunting down info on every stroller, carseat, and baby contraption available.

theme: “mamatools”

idea: everyone brings a new-baby essential… robeez or soothies or a kiddopotamus or fill-in-the-blank indispensable item for the new mama. and just so everyone can get in on the action (even the guests who don’t have little ones), we had an option to contribute to a phil-and-ted stroller that the mama-to-be has been drooling over.

invites: ours followed the pram theme (because of the phil and ted group gift), but you could do a tool themed invite as well.

decor: garland o’ essentials (each dot of the garland highlighted a list of mamatools that friends and family just couldn’t do without as a new mom), fresh flowers, onesie clothesline

favors: coke and diet coke (because after my extensive surveying, these two items came back as top new mom essentials) tied off with a list of mamatools so the guests could leave with this essential info as well!

games: nope. but we did make a book of suggestions and essentials for lauralee offering advice for those first few, foggish months. we also made a calendar of predictions for baby ellis’ birthday, height and weight stats and name.

tips: email the new moms in your life and ask them for a list of new mom must-haves… these are the items I put on the garland, in the advice book and on the favors…

my list (after my email survey): bouncy seat, exersaucer, crib mobile, lily padz, mamma’s milk sling, video baby monitor, hooter hider, target nursing tanks, boppy, halo sleep sack, diet coke, kimono type shirts with built in mittens, kiddopotamus, receiving blankets, burp rags, playgroup,

open bottom pj’s, one piece outfits, boudreax’s butt paste, robeez, bugaboo stroller, baby tylenol, ear thermometer, disposable diapers, sandra boynton books, sound machine, daddies who help alot, hotsling, breast pump, nipple shields, phil & ted stroller. the dwell baby line at target, The Sleepeasy Solution (book), Your Heritage (book), Baby 411 (book) and Mothershock (book).

another tip- find a paper pack (I love SEI and american craft) and use it for all of the shower details… by using one palette for the invites, the decor and the games, everything looks oh-so-coordinated!

happy shower-ing!

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  1. Love it, love it, love it! I fully intend to steal some of these ideas for the shower I’m throwing next month. You ladies are so talented!!

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