kojo tutorial: pop art cards for father’s day

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fishing father’s day card with lures and a felt fish
scooter father’s day card (check out the felt helmet)

Father’s Day is still a few weeks out, but it’s never too early to work on a card to accompany the golf balls and fishing lures and Sonic gift cards and special microbrew beers that you’re gathering for your amazing dad.

To make a pop art card you’ll need:
-felt or fabric
-hot glue
-a printer
-an envelope

1. Think of a theme… something that your dad loves… a map for the dad that is always planning his next great travel adventure, tools for the handyman dad, a cup of coffee for the Starbucks addict, even a scooter for the dad who cruises to dental school each day on his little red moped (ahem, my hubs!). A tie is always a classic Father’s Day motif if you can’t come up with anything.
2. Find a graphic to match said theme. The internet is the most fabulous resource ever here!

3. Import the graphic you’ve chosen onto your card several times, either wallpaper style, or just a few in a row. Leave an empty space (or a light gray outline so you’ll know where to glue your felt) for your felt graphic. Print your card onto cardstock.

4. Trace your graphic (or just part of it) onto a piece of felt or fabric with a fabric pen (this way you can get rid of those lines later). If you’re having trouble seeing through the felt/fabric to trace, hold the felt-with-your-graphic-behind-it up to a sunny window.

5. Cut out your felt/fabric graphic.

6. Using a hot glue gun, adhere your graphic into the empty space you left on your card.

7. Voila! A personal, fabulous, mod, texture-y father’s day card for your amazing dad!

Happy card crafting!

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  1. WOW-these are fantastic! I love the texture, so much fun! I'll be linking to this in my next Father's Day Roundup. I love these cards!

  2. jord i need to make a couple of these with you! how fun! if there is time before father's day when you get back we need to have a craft night! miss you!

  3. This is so fun! I know it from last year, but I included it in a list of DIY Father's Day cards on my blog. Love it!

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