kojo tutorial: how to make a fabulously easy travel journal

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I tend to occasionally make things harder than they need to be. For example, I bought this blank book (for a dollar at Michael’s- yep, one dollar!) to make a travel journal for my friend Kara’s Italy-Travel-Pack. I envisioned fancy font work and finding graphics online, all sorts of printing and gorgeous paper and then mod podge. Lots of mod podge.

However, I decided that, in fact, I pretty much like the book the way it is. All it needs are a few stand out accents (and some clear labeling) to make it into the perfect travel journal for Kara.

To make a supersimple travel journal of your own, you’ll need:-a blank journal (mine is from the dollar bin at Michael’s)
-some scraps of felt and ribbon
-a couple buttons
-a hot glue gun
-a printer1. Using google images, find an outline of a world map that will fit on the front of your book. Print it out.2. Cut out each continent. I’ll be honest, much of the detail gets lost in the cutting. Sorry to Madagascar, Japan, and all our friends who live on those little juts and sharp points of the world. The final product should probably be considered a loose interpretation of a world map.
3. Trace each continent onto different colors of felt.

4. Cut out your felt continents. Using a hot glue gun, glue your continents onto your book’s cover. Don’t be stingy with the glue- travel journals belong in backpacks and purses, being toted along for the adventures. You want the felt to be secure on the cover. If you want, add ribbon and buttons to show the travel route.5. Using sharpies, label the book as a travel journal.
6. Add this little gem to an Italy-Travel-Pack (or wherever your recipients final destination may be).

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