ten projects in ten days challenge

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Hey all! I just looked at the calendar for the rest of the summer and realized that we have some chaos on the horizon… Good chaos- vacations and parties and wedding orders and time with family- but chaos nonetheless. I think I have approximately ten days before the adventures in crazy-time begin…

I also just looked at my to-do-this-summer list and realized that in the last spell of craziness, several projects that I was really wanting to tackle got bumped to the bottom of the pile. I fear that if I don’t get started on these, the summer will pass me by before I can get them done (or started!). And some of them, like the bottle chandelier by readymade magazine that I want to make for our patio (pictured above) would be put to really good use during the gorgeous Colorado summer nights.

The solution? Get going on the to-make list! Tackle ten projects in ten days!

Now, I have to say, some of these projects have nothing to do with crafts or creating, and a couple of them will take less than an hour. But that’s the beauty of it- I think my list is actually managable!

My ten projects
1. Finish organizing my craft room

2 . Make a table cloth for our folding table (we’ve been using it for backyard barbeque buffets, but I don’t have anything fabulous with which to cover it’s gorgeous plastic-y spread)

3. Write five extra blog posts to make up for some vacation time where we won’t have internet access

4. Make two paper chains using some leftover paper from a project I just finished

5. Etch the bottles for the bottle chandelier

6. Compile and hang the bottle chandelier (I broke the chandelier into two separate projects- again, back to managability)

7. Make a cake stand (or two!)

8. Craft a few ribbon boxes

9. Cover the pergola in twinkle lights

10. Make two birthday presents for my sisters

Feel free to join me friends… I’d love to hear about your adventures in whittling your project lists!

Happy to-do list tackling!

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