stitched paper detailing

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tulips in holland (5×7)
snorkeling in bora bora

coming soon- summer in aspen

venetian baubles

tulips in holland with stitched blooms

Recently, I was reading Oh So Beautiful Paper’s list of secrets to standout wedding invitations... and stitching made the cut. Of course it did! Stitching adds texture and dimension and a handmade feel. Not to mention, it’s gorgeous!

There are a few invites with stitching (or the option of stitching) already in the etsy shop…. Tulips in Holland (5×7), Snorkeling in Bora Bora, Venetian Babules, and Tulips in Holland (with stitched blooms). Summer in Aspen is another invite with stitched detailing that is coming soon to an etsy shop near you.

Happy stitching, brides (and friends)!

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