friday fun finds: print-astic onesies

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Onesies are one of my favorite art supplies… I see them more as a “means” than an “end,” really. And, while I love plain white onesies dearly, I am always on the hunt for art supply-esque printed onesies. Usually, I am foiled by a central graphic or some wording (you know what I mean by that, right? a little giraffe near the neckline or a cutesy phrase like “cutie patootie” across the center of an otherwise ready-to-embellish onesie).

However, this morning I stumbled across the most fantastic, printed, no-graphics included, girly onesies! I love the contrasting trim, love the stripes, love the wallpaper-ish repeating flowers… friday fun find indeed. Perhaps they need to be embroidered? Appliqued? Dare I say, ruffled? Baby shower crafting here I come!

Oh, and since I bought several packages (and am considering going back for more each time I look at them and decide again how fabulous they are), I am more than open to suggestions. Any ideas for these little gems?

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  1. Oooh…so many things! Sew little ruffles across the rear? Or, sew a tutu-tastic little skirt onto the waist? Or, or or…paint on some FAHbulous jewelry?

    So fun, mama!

  2. Where did you find these? I am so over all the "little sweetie" onsies and have had the darndest time trying to find some just like this. Please share. And share what you do to them. 🙂

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