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When my best friend and I got mono in college, we skipped a lot of class, watched Survivor religiously (it was the very beginning of reality tv and survivor’s first or second season… oh how we lived for Thursday nights…) and both learned to crochet. I’ve used this skill intermittently since that fateful winter 10ish years ago… and while I don’t have any crochet projects on my “to make” list this year, I do have a drawer full of yarn just waiting to be put to good use!

I should warn you beforehand that this list will be heavy on the pom pom crafts. You probably guessed that it’d be so. They’re just so lovely, those pom poms. Enjoy!

If your lovebug ever sends you flowers, you probably have a stash of standard “flower store vases” in a cupboard somewhere like I do. Use this tutorial by Craft to transform those babies into fabulous, yarn-covered vases.

This pom pom wreath by bleubird vintage is FABULOUS! In fact, our stash crafted yarn depleting project was inspired by this very wreath… more on that to come…

These pom pom ornaments by Heart Handmade are super simple… you could also use them as accents on your wrapped packages.

Looking for an alternative to knitting a scarf? This pom pom-y scarf is super cute (tutorial at cathie filian)

Burke will definitely be receiving one a pom-pom elmo for Christmas (the tutorial at craft passion shows you how to make a cookie monster as well!). You could also make these into ornaments for the elmo and cookie monster fans in your life.

This knitted french press cover (tutorial at design*sponge) would suit many of those aforementioned difficult-to-craft-for guys on my list.

Our stash crafted yarn ornament, a how-to-use-a-pompom-maker tutorial and another pompom (wreath inspired) goodie will be up later this week… though they might be interrupted by Thanksgiving hostessing related postings. In any case, have fun depleting your yarn supply using today’s tutorials, but save a little for what’s to come. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

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