hot & not wednesday

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Two weeks in a row of joining the Loobylu hot&not wednesday fun!


Card giveaway winners: gini bell, fancy frosting, oh holland, bj mama and kristin email us (kojodesigns !at! hotmail !dot! com) with your address and one of our holiday cards will be sent your way… Hopefully you enjoy the cotton-y, fabulous goodness of Crane’s paper like we do! Also, for the record, I like mini giveaways. We should do them more often.

Hubs and I are serious Chick Fil A fans and one is opening tomorrow near us. We’re hoping to be part of The First 100. Free chicken for a year? Yes please.

I feel like I have a little of it right now… that’s rare. And something to be thankful for. I feel a productivity spell coming on.

Bandwagons I’ve fallen off lately: Grocery shopping and menu planning… It’s not ok. You should see the sorry state of affairs in our mostly empty fridge.

Unfinished stockings: It’s happening… AGAIN! My vow to make handmade stockings by Christmas is fading into the distance… Come back, dream, come back!

If you’d like to check out all the hot&not fun, head over to Loobylu. We’d love to hear your hot&not lists- do share!

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