how I love cotton paper, shop talk, and a TODAY ONLY CARD GIVEAWAY!

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Ummm… I love 110 lb. Crane’s cotton paper. I love it when it’s letterpressed. And, new discovery- I love it even when it’s just been printed on. It’s heavy. And luxe feeling. And texture-y. Delightful, really. Just thought you should know.

Also, a couple shop updates:

1- We’re revamping the way Juju shoes are sold. Instead of buying a pair of shoes with 3 or 4 sets of charms, they’ll just come with 1 set of charms. The charms will be sold separately, so you can add on charm sets as you see fit. Also, the shoes will be less expensive (well, the initial cost will be… I guess if you add 13 pairs of charms, that won’t be cheaper).

2- The etsy shop is also now stocked with other Christmas/holiday goodness… there are new types of personalized stationary and holiday cards and a whole variety of jpgs for photo cards and lots of tree free options (enter the goodness of Crane’s cotton paper).

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Finally, details on the mini giveaway

I have a stack of kojo card samples sitting on my desk. I’d love to send one of these little lovelies to you and spread some of this cotton-y, texture-y, luxe feeling goodness around!

To win, go check out the “a few of your favorite things” personalized stationary at the etsy shop and leave a comment telling us your favorite (bikes, pears, eiffel towers, etc). It’s that simple.

I have at least five of these gems to send out, and we’ll end the giveaway TONIGHT at midnight, so really your chances of winning are pretty good.

Happy cotton-paper-card winning, friends!

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  1. Out of the Favorite Things note cards, my favorite is the mirrors. But I fell in love with the jeweled medallion stationary a few weeks ago! Alas, my all time favorite is still the red berry thank you cards. Everything is gorgeous girls!

  2. I realize I missed the giveaway- but since I'm a freak I thought I would give you my opinion.

    I love the reindeer and the bicycles.. I wonder what that says about me? That I want to "get away" from life… slowly?

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