kojotutorial: how to use a pom pom maker

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After several email inquires about where to find the magical pom pom maker (the ones I use are manufactured by clover) and how to use it, I thought I’d make a quick tutorial for y’all. That way you’re good and ready to make all of those lovely little pom pom-y gems from last week and prepped for the tutorials coming over the next couple days as well.

To make a perfect pom pom, you’ll need:

-a pom pom maker (I found mine at Hobby Lobby… I’ve seen them at Michael’s and JoAnn’s as well. If you know of another place to find these babies, would you let us know in the comments? Also, I have 5 different pom pom makers and they have all been useful for various projects.  However, the ones I seem to use the most came in the ‘medium’ package- the pom pom makers in that package are light yellow and light pink).

1. Open half of your pom pom maker.

2. Start winding yarn around the open half of your pom maker. Keep winding until the entire side is covered with wound yarn.

3. Open the other half of the pom pom maker and cover it in yarn as well.

4. There’s a groove down the center of each side. Using that as your guide, cut the yarn down the middle of both sides.

5. Slip a piece of yarn (maybe 6″ or so) in the groove. Tie off your pom pom.

6. Remove the pom pom maker.

7. Marvel. Put pom poms on everything you can think of… packages and wine bags.  Use these gems to make scarves and wreaths (and later this week pom pom trees and pom pom ornaments).  Lovely!

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  1. Those are cute! I didn't know they had such a thing, I've always just used cardboard. Now I NEED one of these! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What an AMAZING tool, I have never seen such a thing, of course we also don't have a Hobby Lobby in CA…

  3. I love this pompom maker! I have one that snaps together and it is a major PAIN to use. In fact rarely have I gotten it to work correctly (might be user error but I have my doubts!!)

    Gotta go check out Hobby Lobby and JoAnnes as I have coupons for both places and 2 10 hour drives in the next week!

  4. Yeah I am excited to start using my Pom Pom maker and I thank you for the tutorial as the package directions are not as descreptive. I found mine at JoAnns and I used my 50% off coupon on each package paying only $3.25 for each package. I use to use the small sized records to make pom poms when I was little….this should be fun!

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