oh how I love a new year!

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our sealed 2009 predictions- we’ll be opening them tonight!

I probably wrote about this last year as well, but I love New Year’s, y’all.  In fact, I love it about as much as I love Christmas, and I LOVE Christmas.

I love a chance to try things over again, hoping to do them better.  I love reorganizing and reevaluating, both of which are plentiful this time of year.  And I love the burst energy that seems to kick in every January- a revitalized look at buried projects, the gusto to deep clean, the excitement that comes with making goals and tackling new projects.  It’s lovely, I tell you.

We have this fantastic tradition of making predictions for the coming year each New Year’s Eve.  We make predictions, both serious and silly (and seriously silly) about the adventures in store for us in the next 365 days.  We predict things for ourselves, for our families and friends (but don’t ask what we predicted about you- we’ll never tell!), write them all down, seal them in an envelope, tuck them in a desk drawer and wait.

And then on December 31st, we light a bunch of candles, settle down with a glass of champagne (or Moscato, our favorite!), read last year’s predictions and make new ones.  It’s a great way to simultaneously celebrate the past year and the year the come!

More on New Year’s traditions tomorrow (including one we’re starting this year plus a tutorial), but for now- Cheers!  Salut!  Happy New Year!  Welcome 2010!

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