stash crafted pom pom wreath ornament

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I feel like we’ve been talking pom poms for weeks (throw a couple giveaways and a holiday into the blog schedule and it’s gets crazy… wild, I tell you).  I promise, this is the end of my posts raving about pom pom makers.  I’m asking for a yoyo maker for Christmas as well as some other contraption I saw in Martha Stewart last month (a knitwit or something?), so hopefully I’ll have new toys to be excited about soon.  But that’s besides the point.

For today’s stash crafted ornament, we’re making… pom pom wreaths!  Easy, fun, and cute.
You’ll need:
-a pom pom maker
-a needle and thread

1. Make a pile of pom poms.  I used 8 big ones and three little ones.  Also make a braided strand (it’ll be your hanger later…).

2. String a needle and thread through all eight big pom poms until you have a string of pom poms.

3. Loop the needle and thread to connect the two ends of your pom pom train.  You should have a wreath shape (otherwise known as a circle) now.

4. Stitch your three mini pom poms in down at the place where bows belong on a wreath (which, I realize, could be anywhere depending on your preference… I chose the lower right hand corner).  Also stitch your braided strand to the top part of your wreath so it can be your hanger.

5. That’s it!  Give this bit of pom pom-y goodness to a friend and spread some holiday cheer.

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  1. These are so adorable–so vintage looking.

    Just an fyi most people are not getting the correct info in their reader-my updates are over 2 weeks old and I have made multiple other posts. I've been on with Google multiple times and they don't have an answer and I am not getting everyones updates in my reader either.


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