of lemons and lemonade

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My approach (this week) to fending off the gloominess of the continuing winter-y cold is to think. warm. bright. thoughts.  You know, psyche myself up with visions of beach-y goodness, jcrew espadrilles, and barbie pink nail polish.  So, if you stop by and our heater is turned up to 80 and I’m lounging in a sundress and flipflops with my toenails pedicured aforementioned barbie pink (my favorite OPI color for such summer-y goodness is actually called Pompeii Purple, just so you know), you’ve been forewarned.

Also, I’m breaking out of my usual January routine of hearty comfort food (think my grandma’s meatloaf recipe, which, actually, I should share with y’all sometime) and lightening and brightening my kitchen with citrus-y goodness.  Fruit equals summer to me, so it’s a good way to fake myself out one taste bud at a time.  It’s a lemons to lemonade approach, hold the lemonade, add in lemon bars and citrus compote and perhaps even a citrus-y craft or two.  Care to join me?

My big plan begins with these lemon bars by smitten kitchen. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm.

Oooh, and actually another gem from smitten kitchen is next on the list- this poppyseed lemon cake.  Her description sounds positively heavenly.

I love the lemon-rosemary combination- I bet these lemon rosemary cupcakes by BHG are scrumptious.

Oooh, I’ve never tried cordial before, but this lemon cordial recipe at ruffled may change that sometime soon.

This lemon zest table cloth at sew4home would be the perfect backdrop for serving any of the this lemon-y goodness, even just for our small family.  Do cheerful, bright fabrics make you feel warmer?  It’s worth a try, right?

This olive oil cake with citrus rosemary compote (by kristina gill at design*sponge) veers a little from the lemon theme, but there are oranges, grapefruits and clementines involved, so it still makes the citrus-y goodness cut.

And just to round things out, here’s smitten kitchen’s lemon tart.  I know, heavy on the smitten kitchen.  When you see the posts, you’ll understand, though.

Besides making mittens and filling my kitchen with lemons, do y’all have any stay-warm-in-January tips for me?  What do you do when to fend off the grouchiness of winter?

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  1. I wanted to leave a comment, I clicked your link for juju rainbow from my blog roll and it said "Blogger page not found" and I had a moment thinking your blog was gone!! Thank goodness you're still here, one of my favorites!

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