kojotutorial: plaid and lace schoolgirl skirt

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I mentioned that the Goodwill-bound plaid wrap skirt (the one I used to make the plaid flower brooches) got a lot of mileage, and I wasn’t kidding.  Five total projects, friends.  And I still have almost a yard of fabric left.  I have to say, thought, that the little schoolgirl skirts that I made for my nieces are so darn cute that the remaining yard might not be around for long.

To make a toddler sized* plaid and lace school girl skirt, you’ll need:
*I made one skirt approximately 24M-ish and the other 3T-ish, and I’ll give the measurements for both 
-about a yard of wool plaid material per skirt… if you can find a long wrap skirt at a thrift store, you’ll have plenty of fabric for this project and more!
-2 yards of lace or ribbon (again, per skirt)
-a sewing machine

1. Cut your skirt (or fabric) into a rectangle (22″ x 26″ for the 3Tish size and 22″ x 24″ for the 24Mish size… if you’re wanting to make your skirt smaller or bigger, adjust accordingly.)  If you’re using a skirt, use the finished bottom edge for one of the 22″ sides.  If you’re using regular fabric, add a little length to the 24″-26″ measurement because you’ll need to finish both edges.

2. Since one of your 22″ sides is already finished, you’ll need to finish the other 22″ side (in my picture from step 1, the bottom was already finished and I just finished off the top).  I turned under the edge 1/4″, folded the edge over again about 1/2″ and stitched a straight line across the top of my rectangle.

3. Fold your rectangle in half so that the two finished edges meet up.  Cut down this fold so you have two identical pieces, both with finished edges on the bottom.

4. Sew your two pieces together (on the inside out side, of course).  You should end up with one long skinny rectangle that sort of looks like a scarf.

5. Double roll and iron the top edge of your long skinny rectangular piece of fabric.  This will become your drawstring casing.  Stitch into place.


 6. Decide which half of your fabric rectangle will eventually be the front of your skirt.  Fold this half in half (so quarters, really) and pin about an inch from the fold.  Mark the pinned spots with a fabric pen.  Cut small slits on these markings.  This is where your bow will show.

7. Starting at one end of your drawstring casing, start threading your lace (or ribbon) through your ‘tunnel.’  As you come to the ‘bow slits,’ take your lace out through the first cut and back in through the second cut.  Continue threading until you have lace coming out of each end of your casing and also a little length of lace (maybe 8″-12″ total) showing from your two slits.  Then take the two ends of your lace and sew them together.  Thread the sewn edge into the drawstring casing.

8. On the unfinished side of your fabric, sew the remaining edge together.  You’ll be sewing over the finished bottom edge up the side and over the drawstring casing with the lace inside.

9. Turn the skirt right side in.  You should have a rectangular plaid tube with a lace drawstring. Cinch that drawstring in to fit your little one’s waist.  Snip the lace in the middle and tie a bow.

10. Let your little one wear her new school girl skirt out and about.  Oh, and don’t forget accessories!  The plaid flower brooch and snap-on barrettes are a good places to start, and we have another tutorial or two coming (think leggies and the mini brooch!) coming up that will complete the look!

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