dear baby,

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Dear Babycakes #2,
Apparently, your mama is far more adept at making things for little girls than for little boys.  Case in point- this attempt at a 90-minute shirt which not only took far, far longer than 90 minutes, but also never actually ended up turning out as a wearable shirt, is now a skirt for Baby Hannah.  The skirt took 20 minutes.  Seriously.
If you are a boy, be forewarned… I just can’t seem to get it together in the boy-crafting department.  If you are a girl, however, there are many, many adorable little outfits in your future (and much sewing in mine).  It’s better for you to know this now.
Kirst/Your Mama
ps- I think the 90-minute shirt issues stemmed from my rushed attempt at pattern making… just in case you were wondering. 🙂

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  1. Cute skirt. I am going to try that shirt but I am nervous too. I cut the pieces but jersey stretches and that makes me jittery. We'll see.

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