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 I was zigzag stitching around an applique a couple weeks ago, just humming along.  My sewing machine tells me which presser foot to use with which stitch, and I was flipping through various zigzag stitches (or so I thought).  I saw a ‘zigzag stitch’ with a line across the bottom, chose it, and the supersmart sewing maching told me to use presser foot, “G.”  I hadn’t used that one before.  I pulled it out and, lo and behold, it’s a serger foot!  Oh the glory, y’all.  Sheer glory.

I gleefully yelled up to Adam and Burke, “Guys, guys, you aren’t going to believe this… my sewing machine has a serger foot!”  The two of them looked at each other and shrugged, oblivious to the excitement this sort of discovery should facilitate.  Boys.

one of the 90-minute shirts… serged edges and all!

Since this most fabulous of discoveries, I’ve been serging everything I can think of… I made a couple of the 90-minute MADE shirts for Burke (and have the fabric for several others sitting on my craft table), serged the inside edges of all of the dresses I made this week (current count- 4 dresses with all sorts of inner serging), redid my plans for our pergola cover to account for the ability to serge the edges, and just keep racking my brain to think of all of the tutorials that I dismissed in the past because I would need a serger.  I’ve been a “double-roll-and-iron” type of girl until now, which works just fine.  But this little discovery is gold to me.

If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited.  Do y’all have sergers?  Do you have any favorite serger-heavy tutorials?  Can’t wait to hear all about it (and try them out!).

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  1. A surpise serger? That is awesome! Which machine do you have? My husband has been encouraging an upgrade. I don't know any serger exclusive tutorials floating around but man that would make things neater!

    Love the new blog header!

  2. Thank you thank you , I believe I have the same machine as you do(the pic) its a brother se-350
    And you are so right about pressor foot g being serger foot!! This is completely awesome!! I make tons of dresses and shirts for my daughter and that would make it so much neater!!!!! Awesome!! I totally get your excitement!!

  3. Oh how I wish I had a serger. I am also a double fold girl, otherwise I am a "hand wash only because it will probably fall apart in the wash machine" girl.

  4. I think we have the same machine! Does that mean I have a serger foot!!! Yippee!

    I guess reading the manual might have come in handy in sewing machine foot identification.

    Bring on the Jersey….

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