wild things party

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cake at cococake

monster at toy-a-day
wild things cookies at nightkitchen bakery 
another wild things party at creative party place (love the cake topper!)
wild things mask at spins and needles
wild things tote at bookhou craft projects
another cake at latest addictions
another monster at toy-a-day

wild things crochet patterns at craftyiscool
wild things sandwich at we love you so
max toy at toy-a-day
wild thing cupcakes at kitchen doughdough

This has been my inspiration as we put together an oh-so-fabulous Wild Rumpus birthday party.  Burke’s birthday falls within a couple weeks of two of his best friends, so the other two mama’s and I are planning a joint “The Wild Things are Turning 2!” party!  
I’ll keep y’all posted as we make actual plans; while I absolutely love these ideas, I’m not sure how many of them I can realistically pull off.  Like I said, I’ll keep you posted.

Ooooh, and while you’re thinking about it, if you have any Wild Things ideas for us (or advice for making a wolf suit), let me know!  I can use all the input and creative collaboration I can get. 🙂 

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  1. Hi There,
    I would like to provide a link to your great party in my Link Party Directory at Tools Are For Women Too! I am glad to do this for followers of my blog if they will link up to my party as well called, Modern Craftswoman Monday . Please let me know if you are interested. I can be emailed at toolsr4women2@gmail.com if needed. Have a great day! Rory

  2. These are some seriously fabulous ideas! I love that you are doing a joint party. I think that is the way to go 🙂

  3. Hi Kirstin,
    When Dustin was small and really into the Power Rangers, we did a game based on pin the tale on the donkey. I made a poster with all the power rangers on it and then made small power ranger helmets that each child had. They had to try to put the helmet on the right spot on the poster. Another time I made a great big barn out of paper to match his theme and put some different areas of felt on the barn. Then I took ping pong balls and covered them with velcro. The kids tried to throw the balls onto the barn and make them stick. At that party, I also made felt puzzles (I know how you like felt) I made a barn of felt on cardboard backing and then made felt farm animals to stick to the barn. You could adapt both of these ideas to your theme. Later today I'll try to find some photos of both to email you. I loved loved loved doing kids parties (then they go and grow up – darnit!)- I can tell you do too (love doing the parties)!!!

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