our world this week: more piper

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I got to take some pictures of sweet Piper, just a few days old.  Here are a couple of tips for taking pictures of newborn babies:

First- bring accessories and props! Nothing is sweeter than a little baby girl in a bow or a baby boy in a hat. Plus, how long can you really put a baby in a basket or a bin? Not that long! 🙂

Second- newborns are so sweet and angelic when asleep and SO much easier to photograph. They don’t have control of their little hands and their eyes cross alot, so a sleeping angel is easier to take pictures of (and the pictures turn out so sweet)!

On to the goodness of Piper Jane at 5 days old:

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  1. Hi I have been fallowing your blog quite some time and I really like it. I had my very first baby in june. and Congrats on yours. She is soo sweet. and I LOVED the pictures.

  2. she is so gorgeous! great pics jordan!! and i totally had that baby carriage and avery plays with it at my parents house still! so cool!

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