pieced flooring how-to

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 FLOR‘s pieced rugs (our inspiration)

+ this fabulous DIY rug tutorial at high-heeled foot in the door

= Burke’s new rug!

Want to make one too???

Cut out matching squares of fabric that add up (area-wise) to your projected rug size.  My fabric squares (I used six of them) were about 33″x33″ and we ended up with an approximately 5’x8′ rug.

Arrange your squares and sew into one big, rug-sized piece of fabric.  Double stitch all of your seams for durability.

Iron your fabric rectangle (having a completely smooth top layer is essential in all of the gluing).  Lay your pieced rectangle/square of fabric on your drop cloth and your rug gripper.  Trim the drop cloth and rug gripper to match your rectangle.

Follow the directions at high-heeled foot in the door for spray adhering the top two layers together (essentially, you spray glue the drop cloth and the fabric rectangle together… there is much spraying and much smoothing until the two are tackied together).  Then, with all three layers matched up, turn over each edge and sew down.  This finishes off all of the edges.

Scotch guard and scotch guard and scotch guard some more (it’s going to a rug, remember).

Put in your little one’s Big Boy room with delight!  One more coordinated room decor piece DONE!

ps- A couple of you have asked about where we got Burke’s bed- we made it!  More details to come… 

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  1. That is seriously so cute. It makes his room look even more complete. Cannot wait to hear how you made the bed.

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