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We love visiting becca over at blue cricket designs… she has all sorts of goodness- decor tutorials, party ideas, and sewing fun. Being girls that love a good refashion or upcycle, we especially love all of her repurposing ideas!  Today she’s joining us with a fabulously frugal wreath:

The Dollar Store is a treasure trove of goodness and today’s project proves it! I’ve had both of these supplies for well over two years! While on my spending strike I had to get creative so while rummaging through my craft room I wondered if these two Dollar Store purchases would play well together! And the answer was YES!!!

This entire wreath cost $3! You’ll need a 12″ Foam Wreath form and two pair of striped Tube Socks!
Cut your socks at the heal and at the toe.

Next cut the longest section of your sock in half again. You only need to do this step if you’re using more then one style of sock. In my case I uses two different striped pairs of socks and wanted to alternate them so I needed to create even sections.

Cut the Foam Wreath form in order to make a place where we can slide our socks on.

Gather your sock section and slide it on!

Once you’ve put on all your sections just spread the socks evenly to make sure it covers the entire wreath!

And you’re done! Tie a ribbon on top to hang it and pat yourself on the back for marring two random Dollar Store Items to create something great!

And the next time you get on your kids or husbands backs for not picking up their socks just threaten them that if they don’t pick them up they may end up on a wreath!

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  1. That is so cool! I love how creative Becca is. Whoever would have thought of tube socks?!? Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

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