kojotutorial: pleated ruffled monogram

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 One of our nursery decor projects for our littlest sis, Kedron, and her vintage alphabet nursery was a ruffled “A” monogram (her last name starts with an A) to hang above the crib.

To make one yourself, you’ll need:
-an embroidery hoop
-a rectangle of fabric at least three times as long as the height of the embroidery hoop
-floral or craft wire
-a printed template of the monogram you’re wanting to make
-a whole pile of no sew jersey ruffles (I used about 40 for the “A”)

-a whole pile of little felt circles (you’ll use the same amount of felt circles and ruffles)
-hot glue gun and hot glue

1. Print out your letter template.  Follow it to make a wire letter with floral wire or craft wire.  Put a little hanging hook at the top of your letter.

2. Place a jersey ruffle on the front of your wire outline. Secure in place by hot gluing a square of felt to the back of the ruffle.

3. Continue gluing ruffles onto the wire outline until the whole thing is covered in ruffles.

4. Iron pleats into a piece of fabric that coordinates with your decor.

5. Place the pleated fabric into an embroidery hoop.  Secure by placing a cardstock circle in the back of the embroidery hoop (I used my smaller hoop circle as a template for the cardboard circle).

6. Put your ruffled monogram on the pleated fabric- help it stay put with a few stitches.

7.  Hang.  Gorgeous, right?

If you make one of these, we’d love it if you’d add your pictures to our flickr group 

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