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Y’all are going to love today’s guest, Sadie Jane (from {simply delicious}). We die for her fabulous rendition of the Anthro knotted quilt and asked her to share a few tips with y’all; if it’s on your to-make list, take note and come back when you’re ready to sew! 

Hey Kojodesigns readers!

I’m Sadie Jane from {simply delicious}
To learn more about me go {HERE}
I am so excited to be here today to show you all my little tips and tricks for my
QUEEN SIZED Anthropolologie Inspired Knotted Bedding!
Gotta give a shout out to {Kojo’s tutorial}…it made my fantasy bedding dreams come true!

First things first…
I know you are all dying to know…
For a QUEEN I cut out 49 {18×18} squares.
Making my bedding 7 squares by 7 squares.
* I cut out an 18″x18″ piece of cardboard which was extremely helpful.
I set it on top of the fabric and used my fabric roller cutter thingy…to cut the fabric.

I didn’t have a fabric pen…

So I drew a circle with my bowl with a highlighter.
When I was ready to make the knots I placed each piece over the cardboard and hand sewed around the inside of the circle.
After that little tip I used Kojodesigns tutorial!

To see my complete tutorial click {HERE}
After hours of pinning and sewing…
it all came together!

I am COMPLETELY remodeling my master bedroom and this bedding set the theme and feel of exactly what I wanted.
To see the before pictures of this master bedroom click {HERE}

The room isn’t done yet but it is slowly getting there…
all we need is some beautiful throw pillows and side tables and it will be complete.
Wanna know how to get the decor look?
For the Feather Wreath tutorial go {HERE}
For the Candle Holder tutorial go {HERE}

I really couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!!
With patience and time anyone can have this look.
Thanks again to Kojodesigns for letting me stop by and share my secrets with all of you!
Stop by my blog, become a follower and read all about my {simply delicious} life.
Sadie Jane

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  1. Thanks Kojodesigns for featuring me on your blog and for making a tutorial for that wonderful bedding…it really has been the best addition to our bedroom!

  2. I love this quilt. Thx for posting the tutorial. I saw it a few weeks ago on and JUST finished it tonight! It's gorgeous. Thx for the great ideas. Keep 'em coming.

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