and so it begins…

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Are y’all ready for a couple weeks of gorgeous Knock Off Goodness? Then this is the place for you (well, here and the Craftiness is Not Optional blog where Jess has a similarly fabulous lineup of knock offs for your enjoyment!)
Want a small taste of what’s to come?
Knock off accessories…
…children’s clothes…
…and more (much more)!
Want to join in the fun? Be sure to share your knock-off creations in our the Sincerest Form of Flattery flickr group! Later this month, we’ll do a round up of your Knock Off goodness.

And be sure to check out Knock Off Decor- the sponsor of this blog series! Head on over to peruse the piles of Knock-Off inspiration! 
Also, the paper coterie winners were 41 Staci, 23 Kristin, 70 Mandy and 55 Ashley! CONGRATS!

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