fan food (and go mavs!)

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Are any of y’all Mavs fans? My hot hubs grew up in DFW (so did Jordi’s husband, actually), rendering our families forever tied to various Dallas sports teams. And since Adam lo-oves basketball, the Dallas Mavericks are at the top of that list (and our tv has been taken over by the NBA playoffs lately).
Which means that for the final game this past Sunday night our booties were parked in front of the tv, our basement was ringing with cheers and high fives (and other various pep talks that the players couldn’t hear), and that we were munching on an assortment of blue and green food. Because what’s more fun than watching your team win while eating food in their team colors, right?
I even hung up a couple blue and green garlands to add some Go Mavs flair (the bonus of throwing tons of parties? You have garlands in every shade of the rainbow for occasions such as this!).
Anyhow, in case y’all are coordinating team-colored menus anytime soon (or need some blue and green food ideas), I thought I’d share our Fan Food (all foods that are easy to customize/color):
-jello (berry blue in this case)
-koolaid (blue raspberry lemonade for our Mavs)
-chips and dip (blue corn chips with guac for this occasion)
-trifle (I tinted the vanilla pudding with blue food dye)
-cake balls (with blue and green sprinkles)
A few others that I didn’t make, but that are easily colored- rice krispy treats, cupcakes, sugar cookies.
What’s your favorite fan food?

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  1. Go Mavs-I'm a fan by default because Dirk is from my hometown area in Germany. Very yummy foods.

  2. We live in Ft. Worth and yes we are huge Maverick fans! Love all your food and decorating ideas. What a fun party! And even better that they won! My favorite party food is pretty much any kind of dip.

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