make it- vintage sheet flag bunting

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For vintage sheet Project #2, I made a flag bunting out of vintage sheets. Lovely, no? Even better, we had a chance to use this bunting as Baby Shower Decor, but it doubles as a name sign for a nursery!

To make one as well, you’ll need:

-vintage sheets
-sewing supplies
Make a cardstock flag template, trace it on doubled over sheets (thereby cutting two matching flags each time)…
…stitch the two diagonal sides (make sure the right sides of the fabric are facing each other) and pinking shear those edges…
…turn the flags right side in and press flat…
Make thick ‘bias tape’ by cutting a long, thin strip of fabric (the length of the sheet and about 5” wide). Iron the strip of fabric in half and then iron each of the halves in half (thereby covering the exposed raw edges).
Sandwich the unfinished top edge of each flag between the ‘bias tape,’ pin, and sew in place.

Bonus- To use as Baby Shower Decor/Nursery Decor, add an appliqued fabric name to the front.

Isn’t it cheerful?

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  1. Brilliant. I was just thinking I need to make a banner for a shower I'm hosting… "Sprinkled with Love." I might need to do this! But just so many letters!

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