striped skirt by iCandy handmade

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Jen and Autie over at icandy handmade are some of our go-to girls when we’re looking for sewing inspiration. They create fabulous things for little ones, but also have quite the grown-up-sewing-project arsenal. And their projects always have this air of professionalism and FUN about them- their bright, happy, candy-filled space makes me want to hang out with them for the day (or a Girl’s Night Out!). Plus they share our love for stripes- gotta love that. A few favorite icandy projects? This hint-of-vintage maxi dress, this ice cream social skirt, this vintage strawberry skirt, this sail away with me dress, and this Urban Outfitters knock off to name a few (but I had to be choosy- seriously, go check out all of the goodness they have stored up over there).

In classic icandy form, they have a sewing for ME! tutorial that involves stripes- love these girls, can’t wait to make one of these skirts-

I am so excited to be a
here on Kojo Designs.
When Kirstin asked us to be a part of the series, I couldn’t be more excited,
as I love to sew for myself.
(though it is more work than sewing for children…)
This was the perfect motivator to get some new clothes made!
{Boy does my wardrobe need it, too!}
If you follow iCandy, you will know that I have a HUGE stash of striped knit that I picked up in
the LA fabric district. (About 3 trips worth…)  I am slowly but surely using it up.
The funny thing is, I am still NOT sick of stripes!
So this week, I came up with
Like many of you, Pinterest has become a huge source of inspiration for me.
When I was trying to think of something to make for the series,
I found this Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt on my board, from a cool fashion blog called Thread Ethic.
Mine isn’t quite as dramatic, but I loved the idea of a checkerboard effect.
…hopscotch…get it?
So I whipped this skirt out
(It is a relatively quick project)
and braved the wind outside to take photos.
{Almost all of them looked windblown and lopsided,
these are the best of the lot…sorry!  That darn wind…}
My verdict?
Amazingly comfortable AND Flattering.
 (The sash hides right-below-waist problem area…)
I think I could live in this skirt all summer long.
Want to make one?
Here is the tutorial:
Wide striped knit fabric (amount varies per person)
I had you cut your skirt pieces a lot longer than you need, because when I matched up my side seams,
to get them to match up the way I wanted, I had to cut off 4 rows of stripes total… so just in case that happens to you…you will have plenty of length to work with!
Be sure to head over to icandy handmade (and to Sewing in No Man’s Land) for more goodness today!

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  1. oh….how pretty. I made a skirt like this for my little niece, only difference we sewed the sash right in to the side seams. Lovely.

    1. I made one like that (with the sash sewn in) for Piper Jane. Now I need a grown up one like the iCandy one for myself! 🙂

  2. I want to make this for my daughter…quick question though, how did the skirt go on after you had sewn the waist band in for the hip area. Ana is a tiny 24″ waist with a 32″ hip. Will this be an issue?

    1. Hey Josie, Jen said that her waist and her hips at the fullest point are an 8″ difference too. And it wasn’t a problem- the fabric is stretchy.
      Hope that helps!

  3. Getting ready to make a skirt for myself. I’m hung up on the “gathering” step. Gather AFTER using the basting stitch? Or during? Thanks for your help!

    1. Hey Sarah- you can do either one. Do you know how to gather while you add the basting stitch? If not, gather afterwards. 🙂

  4. Hello!

    I am a Spanish woman and I have a doubt about the INCHES!! could you please tell me the meaning in the photograh 5 what is: IO 1/2″??

    Thanks a lot!


  5. I have been looking all over for a tutorial on how to make a skirt like this. Your’s is so easy to understand and I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for posting!

  6. Do you know about how many yards of fabric this took? I would love to make one, but need to know how much fabric to get! Thanks!

    1. Hey Tara, the tutorial gives the directions for figuring out what size rectangles you need (the width is your waist measurement times two and the length is your desired length plus six inches). Once you figure those two measurements out, you’ll have the size for you two big pieces and be able to round up for fabric shopping. 🙂

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