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THANK YOU for filling out the survey last week! Hundreds of you responded- we loved reading a little bit about you. Your feedback about kojo was also so helpful- thank you.

A glimpse at kojo readers (at least the ones that filled out the survey)- most of you are married (87%), 89% of you are in your 20s or 30s, and you’re quite the crafty bunch (a whopping 97% of you either consider yourself crafty in a couple areas or love everything the craft world has to offer).

It is not surprising that the tutorials (of various types) are at the top of your list of reasons for visiting kojo- we love that. You are also quite the group of event planners- love that too (especially since projects and parties are our favorites as well- what a great match!).

Interestingly, the number one thing that you requested was More Real Life (everyday stuff, family life, craft fails). We love that, but are not great at it, so if you have suggestions of where to start, send them our way!

Other things you guys want– more boy tutorials (me too! Thanks for the reminder!), grown up girl tutorials (love this- absolutely), real life and overseas stuff (like I said, tell us what you want to know!), nitty gritty party planning (like budgets, behind the scenes stuff and planning details), photography tips, craft fails (oh my goodness, where do we start?), and quick and easy projects (not our forte, but we’ll work on it!).

And the only thing that was mentioned more than once on the “Scrap It Entirely” option was the link party (Friday Fun Finds). This was a hard decision for us, since we know that there are a bunch of you that love Friday Fun Finds (and we LOVE having the chance to see your projects every week), but we have to concur. With a bit of bittersweet, it’s time to say farewell to Friday Fun Finds. Though, we do have some Friday replacement ideas that we’re really excited about… look for an announcement on that after Color Your Summer.

We wish we had your emails to thank you for your kind, encouraging words- my goodness- THANK YOU! And there were also all sorts of terrific ideas and suggestions- we have quite the list of post ideas to get working on! One thing I’d ask– there were several questions and suggestions that we wanted to address individually. If you left one of those, would you send us your email (and your topic). We feel a little helpless, not being able to get in touch with you!

Oh, and just so you don’t have to hunt it down, our email is kojodesignsAThotmail- please send your suggestions, questions, any other follow up our way! THANKS AGAIN for the info and ideas (if you haven’t filled the survey out yet, it’s here– we’d love your input)!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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