Oh Snap! a camera and photography party


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I already mentioned that Jordan and I are nuts sometimes let our love of throwing parties together get the best of us. This shared hostessing bent is expressed in different ways- sometimes it means making elaborate Thanksgiving place settings, sometimes it means a windy, not-quite-finished Around the World party disaster (we haven’t put that story on the blog, but we should. Actually, it can be summed up in two words- party fail), and sometimes it means throwing two parties in eighteen days while I’m visiting the middleeast.

The insanity enthusiasm has it’s benefits- like the Oh Snap! camera/photog party that we had a chance to throw for our friend Britt.

Before I get started on the details, can I tell you how amazing Jordan is for throwing crazy-awesome parties without having access to any party supply stores, any regular supply stores, or Amazon? Seriously, y’all, we had to have the signage printed at a printshop because there was no white cardstock to be found. And that’s just the very tip of the iceberg. When you’re good, you’re good, right? And Jord’s really good (she’s also embarrassed reading this, guaranteed, so I’ll leave it at that).

Jord’s whip-things-up-from-nothing skills aside, this party was just so much fun! The signage was both bright and modern and also a little vintage at the same time, the food was all *SNAP*ified, and the photo booth was just so much fun. No wonder we do this.

THEME- Oh Snap! goodness full of cameras, photography, and every “snap” reference we could conjure up.

INVITES AND SIGNAGE– Jordan made these fabulous cameras for the invites and we ended up using them everywhere at the party. I love them (I think the signage set the tone for the whole fabulous shindig).


Red Snapper

Say Mac-N-Cheese

Snap Peas


Snappy Cupcakes

Ginger Snaps

Photobomb Brownies

Snap Crackle Pop Rice Krispie Treats

DRINKS– A colorful lineup of fabulously fruity bottled drinks (no alcohol in the middleeast, remember? So even though they look like wine coolers, they’re just fruity sodas).

TREAT BUFFET– This bright, cheerful palette was just waiting to be paired with a whole buffet of colorful candies. And even though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend our method of buying candy based on color without knowing the taste, it turned out pretty well (those little spiky balls look so sweet and happy but their taste is extra-sweet-then-bitter- YUCK!). Oh, and those dark chocolate M&Ms in front cost more than $5 (the trouble with me doing the math and not converting currencies correctly)- haha!

Also, the apothecary jar craze hasn’t quite made its way to the middleeast yet (and Jord didn’t bring any of hers), so she’s been saving and cleaning all of their clear food jars. Doesn’t the cluster of candy-filled jars look so great?

DECOR– The happy striped fabric that we used as the backdrop is from Ikea. Then we added a fringe-y, metallic SNAP sign, a garland of tassels, and a camera bunting made from white paper that we colored (with crayons).

FAVORS– Camera and SNAP! cookies (in clear bags with camera “Thank You” labels).

To make these, we bought round and rectangular cookies from the bakery. Then we piped melted chocolate into camera-y details on the rectangular cookies and “”Snap!” onto the round cookies (with a perimeter of chocolate and sprinkles). They were a huge hit. Except the round cookies were called “Salt and Fennel” cookies and were a little ‘off’ to our American palettes. Good thing the rectangular ones were extra delicious (they were almond cookies, I think?).

PHOTO BOOTH– Start with a whole pile of masks, wigs and props from my nieces’ dress up box, add in a fun (and funny) party crowd and the photo booth is bound to be quite the adventure. Though there wasn’t a ‘booth’ (just a wall of crepe paper streamers), this was one of the best parts of the party. And why not? Every camera/photography party would be incomplete without one.

I have to say it, I can’t help myself- OH SNAP, what a great party!

ps- I think I’m going to add the printables for this party signage for this one to our etsy shop… I can’t get over the cuteness of those camera’s and hate the idea of them being a one-party use. I’ll let you know when we get those added to the Pop Shower/Storybook Shower/Elephant Shower goodness in the shop.

Are there any parties, photo booths or coordinated sister efforts in your near future? Also do you know anyone who can seemingly make something from nothing (it’s fun to watch, right)?

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  1. Oh snap, what a great party!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously, how fun are you guys? Love the theme. Trying to figure out where I could implement something like this. Those camera graphics are amazing. Great job!

    Doing a month of blog catch up this morning! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to reading more about your travels!

  2. I am going to buy your printables for the oh snap party and use it for my little girls photo scavenger hunt party. They are going to go around the neighborhood looking for certain things to take pictures of and the winning team gets a prize! I’m so excited!!

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