how to make confetti filled ‘sprinkle’ balloons

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Guys, your response to the sprinkle party has been overwhelming- sprinkles resonate with you apparently. I get that- they resonate with me too. And, bonus, Piper Jane is totally famous on pinterest right now.

I keep getting questions about how to make the confetti filled balloons. They were super easy (seriously, SUPER easy), so I thought I’d put together a little mini tutorial in response to all of the comments/emails.To make a confetti-filled balloon bouquet, first, grab a clear balloon (I didn’t have any clear balloons left, so the one in the tutorial pictures is white). Then, grab a mini handful of tissue paper confetti. Fold the pile of confetti in half, and then in half again.

Once you have a little tube of confetti, push the confetti-tube into the neck of the balloon. Poke down until the clump of confetti falls into the balloon. Fill with helium (I got the helium tank at Target in the party section- it was plenty for the 20ish balloons we filled).

Add a ribbon tie and you’re DONE!

A couple of notes- you can use a funnel if you want (both the confetti-pile-folding and funnel were similarly easy).

Also, after about an hour, the static seemed to pull the confetti up the sides of the balloon (making the balloons more fun and confetti-ish).

For more sprinkle-y goodness- here is the Sprinkled with Love party, the sprinkle covered cake topper, and some sprinkle covered accessories.

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  1. Which do you think looked better, the clear or white balloon? I’m trying this for my daughters 3rd birthday party! 🙂

  2. I’m so in love with this idea. I’m plan on trying it out for my son’s 2nd birthday party in a few weeks. We’re having a donut party so the sprinkle idea fits right in. I just need to convince my husband why it’s important to buy a helium tank :-). Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Charlotte, I love the idea of sparkly confetti (or glitter!). 🙂 We didn’t ever take the balloons inside, so I didn’t have to clean up any confetti messes- I bet they get confetti everywhere though.

  3. Linking from Celebratons at Home – These balloons are adorable! I think I’ll do them for an upcoming party. I’d like to use tissue that goes with the party – are the circles about 3/4″ or 1″?

    1. They are pretty small- maybe 3/4″? I just bought the confetti pack at Party City (it’s my favorite tissue paper confetti).
      Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. Hi, Thanks so much for sharing this idea. I absolutely love it! Just wondering where you got your balloons from- Party City?

    1. I think they do have them at Party City (in a giant pack)… and I ordered them on Amazon. 🙂

  5. Kristin,

    I really like this idea, but the confetti doesn’t seem to pull up towards the side of the balloons even after 2 hours. Obviously, the static is missing.

    So, I want to know how did you create the static charges? Did it come about inadvertently as you inflated the balloon and it rubbed against your shirt?

    1. Hey Rachael- we didn’t do anything intentional to increase static, so I don’t know…
      I have noticed after repeating this process several time that the more confetti you put in, the more likely the clump is to just pile at the bottom. They seem to work better with the confetti is more sparse…

  6. Do you remember which ‘company’ on amazon you purchased the clear balloons from? I’m reading several reviews of those who claim the balloons are not very clear… thanks!

  7. Thanks for this!! I am making confetti balloons for my son’s birthday party and made little tissue leaves since the theme is lion king

  8. Love this idea! They look so fun and festive. Just wondering…what did you have at the base of the balloons on the table?

  9. I LOVE confetti filled balloons. What I was wondering was have you ever used confetti with high float? I went to our balloon man today and we tried using the high float with metallic confetti and it kind of worked but I really like the look of the larger paper confetti. Did you buy that in bulk somewhere? I am checking out all of these balloon sources for my son’s reception in August and I need to figure out what is going to work.

    1. Hey Debi, I haven’t ever tried high float with the confetti balloons (but that seems like a good idea if you need these to last all day). I found the large paper confetti at Party City. Hope that helps!

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    1. I love it Shellie! It’s so tricky to try to predict- though I think it has something to do with getting the right amount of confetti (not too much) and also using really thin pieces of paper so they’re light enough to ‘climb.’ Good luck!

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