a rainbow of porch pillows

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how to make a pile of outdoor pillowsRemember when I told you about Joann’s new HGTV Home fabric line? Well, when we started making plans for a rainbow of porch pillows, I knew just the fabric for the project. Since they have tons of great choices, including both outdoor fabric and upholstery fabric, this line is the perfect choice for a whole pile of porch pillows.

how to make outdoor pillowsAnd the plethora of colors makes my pile of outdoor pillows the perfect rainbow project for Color Your Summer!

how to make outdoor pillowsHow to make the half and half pillow covers-

how to make a pile of porch pillowsFor each pillow, cut one 20″ fabric square and one 20″ x 25″ rectangle.

how to make an envelope pillowCut the square on the diagonal into two triangles. Cut the rectangle in half so that you have two 12.5″ x 20″ rectangles.

how to make an envelope pillow For the halved rectangles, fold over the top edges, double under, press and sew in place. For the triangles, match up two triangles of different fabrics on the diagonal and sew together.

how to make outdoor pillowsWith the right sides facing each other, match up the square with two triangles with the two rectangles (match up the corners so that the hemmed edges overlap in the center). Sew together around the entire perimeter. There will be a natural gap in the center where a pillow will fit. Tuck a pillow inside (conveniently, IKEA makes a couple pillows that are 19″ square).

how to make porch pillowsMake a whole pile and fill a porch with colorful, fabulous, goodness (be sure to check out more HGTV home fabric goodness at Joann’s!).

hands free towel wrapAnd be sure to stop by Delia Creates to check out the colorful, hands free towel wrap tutorial she’s sharing for Color Your Summer today!

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  1. Le sigh, HGTV+Joann’s=happy. 🙂

    These are super fun, very summery and rainbow-y. 🙂

    And that floor!! Amazing. Did you guys do that too? Great job.

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